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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 00:16:50 GMT
Are you able to supply a small test case to demonstrate the bug? That is 
the most useful item. If so, can you create a bugzilla bug call, thanks.


Alex wrote:
> Hello, i think i have found a bug in class Base64, the method
> (isBase64(byte octet)). I say because i have passed a X509Certificate in
> DEREncoded (so none Base64 byte[]). This method returns an
> IndexOutOfBoundsException: -128. I think that the problem is in line
> (base64Alphabet[octect] == -1) because it is the line where it crash and
> also because it is the only place where an array is referenced. Im so
> sure that the byte octet is the -128 value, so index out of bounds are
> throwed. I have modified that class, i suppose that i would have to
> upload some place, but i don't know where. Can anybody told me if im
> correct and where i could send the class?

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