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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: Correct use of XMLConfiguration
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 10:17:16 GMT
Mathew Kuppe wrote:

>I am VERY interested to use commons-configuration for my own applications. I
>am a little disappointed though in the amount of documentation available on
>how to use the library. In particular, I am interested in learning about how
>to use the hierarchical configuration implemented by XMLConfiguration. Can
>someone please help me out with a link to some more comprehensive
>documentation as to how to use this? Should I use properties or nodes? How
>are nodes navigated and/or created?
Hi Mathew,

did you see the howto links on the left bar of the configuration main
site? Especially the XML Howto at should be
an introduction in the features provided by XMLConfiguration. Topics
like accessing or adding new properties are explained.

Because we are just working on getting the next release of Configuration
out there is also a release candidate available for the new version,
which also contains some documentation improvements. You can find the
documentation for this releae candidate here (but remember that this
documentation refers to the new release 1.2):

To your question about using properties or nodes: I recommend not
accessing nodes directly. They are more or less an implementation
detail. The API of XMLConfiguration allows you to get and set
properties; internally the node tree will be updated.


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