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From "Mike Sparr -" <>
Subject RE: [SCXML] Concurrent users
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 10:25:17 GMT

I think build may have broke due to dependency on XercesImpl, xml-apis,
and possibly xalan jar dependencies.  Your recent code change likely
requires them now so you may update the dependencies and jars to your
build.xml, plus the docs.  Also, we noticed that the context vars return
null within onentry and can only be retrieved during ontransition.  I'm
not sure if just our implementation or how it's built.  Anyhow, just a
little input from our findings.



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From: Mike Sparr - [] 
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 9:24 PM
To: 'Jakarta Commons Users List'
Subject: [SCXML] Concurrent users


Your code worked (from your personal snapshot) fine - thanks.  One issue
we're now facing is handling concurrent users from multiple clients.  My
goal is to use one scxml doc to manage app flow for all users.  It looks
like there is one context and it's shared, so if we trigger an event, it
will affect any user.  We have created a HashMap (in memory) to store
key/handle to client for sending response, but are having troubles
dealing with concurrent users and their state.

For example:

Web request (state 1, event 3)
IM request (state 2, event 1)

Can the engine handle that or do you know how best to implement?  My
thought was to store state and last event per user, then navigate to
that somehow for their requests.  I assume there must be a better way?



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