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From "Mike Sparr -" <>
Subject [Digester] assistance - namespace-aware processing (how to write rules for digest)
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2005 09:23:05 GMT
If I have a document (note the content element referencing external

  <author name="John Doe" />
  <title>Some name of a document</title>
  <exerpt>A brief description of a quotable phrase from
  <content xmlns:myco="">
    <myco:heading>This is the heading of the document</myco:heading>
    <myco:sub-heading>This is the sub-heading of the
      This is the body content of the document 
      and I can have some text that references a 
      term that may require more explaination so 
      I add a strangeword<myco:footnote symbol="*" expr="refer to user
guide for more information" /> and this footnote will appear at 
      the bottom of the document.

I am new to digester but understand I have to write getter/setter
classes to represent the different elements.  Can someone help with
writing the rules to digest this?  I would like some flexibility to have
zero, one or more namespaces declared in my <content> element and the
digester will "digest" the elements within these.

For example, this instance uses a namespace and scheme defined by myco,
but we may want just text with no namespaces, or use
xmlns:xhtml="" and embed html in the

Where do I start?


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