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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: [validator] Date validation issues
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 20:17:50 GMT
Ah, OK. I'll add it to my todo list ;-) As a work-around, is there any 
way to configure a validator rule but turn off it's client-side 
validation (i.e. so I can still use the 'date' rule, but only apply it 
server-side while retaining client-side validation for everything else)?

At the very least I'll look at how easy it may be to detect whether the 
date format specification is 'compatible' with the existing validation 
logic and execute it conditionally on that.


Don Brown wrote:
> This is a limitation based on the fact that the entire SimpleDateFormat
> pattern matching engine hasn't been ported to Javascript. If you want to
> open up a ticket and perhaps add a patch, I'll be very happy to include full
> support :)
> Don
> On 11/3/05, Laurie Harper <> wrote:
>>I'm using Validator in a Struts project and I'm having some problems
>>with client-side date validation. Specifically, in validateDate:
>>- it only accepts numeric input (i.e. it can match '01 01 2006', but not
>>'01 Jan 2006')
>>- it doesn't pay attention to the date format; it can only match
>>variants on 'dd MM yyyy'; any other characters/strings besides 'dd',
>>'MM', 'yyyy' get treated as static seperator characters. For example,
>>'dd MMM yyyy' matchs '01 01M2006'!
>>I'm basing this on the Javascript generated by Struts' html:javascript
>>tag. Is there something special I need to be doing to get Validator to
>>generate client-side validation code that's properly in sync with the
>>date pattern, or is it really just this limitted?
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