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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject Re: [SCXML]
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 16:02:56 GMT
On 11/7/05, Barnett, James <> wrote:
> I've downloaded the code and run one of the standalone sample applications.  I found
I needed a couple of slight tweaks to the command given on the
> testing-standalone.html page.  In particular, a couple of the jar files don't have version
numbers in their names.  Here's the command that worked for me (it assumes that all jars and
the sample markup are in the same directory)  Note that commons-beanutils, commons-logging
and commons-el do not have version numbers are part of their names:

Hi Jim -

Thanks for trying out Commons SCXML.

The version numbers in the jar filenames in that bit of documentation
serve only as a reminder about the versions Commons SCXML uses, and
filenames may indeed need to be adjusted. I've added a little
clarification to both the website (which will be updated when I next
refresh it -- probably in a couple of days) and the wiki (with
immediate effect, pending cache).

The wiki [1] is open to all. After a very simple registration, you can
log in and add content / correct existing content on the wiki. The
wiki also hosts its own help pages, which contain information about
the specific syntax for the Apache wiki. You're welcome (as is
everyone else) to post new material that you want to share / correct
existing material on the SCXML wiki.



> java -cp commons-digester-1.7.jar;commons-beanutils.jar;commons-logging.jar;commons-scxml-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar;commons-el.jar;jsp-api-2.0.jar
org.apache.commons.scxml.env.jsp.Standalone microwave-01.xml
> - Jim

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