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Subject Antwort: Re: jellySWT
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 09:34:00 GMT
Hallo Paul,

I tried so but it does not work. For example I have a file menu which looks
like this:

<j:jelly xmlns:j="jelly:core" xmlns="jelly:swt" xmlns:log="jelly:log">
    <menu var="menu" style="bar">
            <menuItem text="File" style="cascade">
                    <menuItem text="New">
                        <onEvent type="Selection">
                            <log:info>Selected New option with event

                    <menuItem text="Open"/>
                    <menuItem style="separator"/>
                    <menuItem text="Save"/>
            <menuItem text="Help" style="cascade">
                    <menuItem text="About"/>

Secondly my components file should link all defined components together,
like this:

<j:jelly xmlns:j="jelly:core"

      <shell text="Application" var="shell" size="700,500" style="border,
close, min, max, resize, title">

            <image src="com\gieseckedevrient\uilayer\jelly\jcmc.gif"/>

            <u:file var="fileName" name="menu.xml"/>
            <x:parse var="menu" xml="${fileName}"/>



My problem is now to do something like this:


to get the menu in the current shell, but this does not work. I tried many
times with different implementations
but I dont get it working...

Any suggestions ?

Best regards,


             Paul Libbrecht                                                
             org>                                                       An 
                                        "Jakarta Commons Users List"       
             28.10.2005 12:45           <>  
              Bitte antworten                                        Thema 
                    an                  Re: jellySWT                       
             "Jakarta Commons                                              
                Users List"                                                

Why does core:include and core:parse not work for this ?


Le 28 oct. 05, à 12:16, a écrit :
> I'am working with jellySWT and I think it's great. But I have one
> problem.
> I woud like to define any component (menu, table, tree, ...) in a
> seperate
> jelly file. After
> defining the single components I want to link them in one shell
> together
> but this is not working.
> can anyone tell me how this is possible?

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