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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [vfs] Disabling default file caching
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 10:16:23 GMT
> Calling directory.close() before directory.getChildren() helps  
> indeed. But
> it isn't nice at all especially because this is the default  
> behavior. It
> will definitely require addressing.
> I think a distinction should be made between short runs (e.g. Ant  
> task) and
> long runs (like a file manager) for VFS. By default a long running  
> task
> should be considered as happening (so no caching). If a client  
> knows that it
> needs a short running task then it should configure VFS  
> accordingly. However
> the default setting should provide a real time view of the file  
> systems.
> I don't know, but shouldn't this behavior considered as an  
> (architectural)
> bug?

Well, I've thought the same thing for a while.
But not using caching at all will have quite an
impact on speed. So turning it off completely by
default ...don't know if that makes sense on the
protocol level. You might want to have something
in between.

We ended up just properly closing everything which
made all problems disappear - for us.

My 2 cents


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