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From "Jeroen Kransen (DT)" <>
Subject HttpClient and Applets
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 09:06:05 GMT

I have an applet that has to communicate with the originating server
through HTTP. It has to send and retrieve custom data, through GETs and
(if possible) POSTs. I am using HttpClient (I am open for suggestions on
that), which works well in a direct connection. However, when I am
behind a proxy, I get a AccessControlException. I could explain this by
the fact that the proxy server is not the originating server, and that
by specification I am only allowed to contact the originating server.
But I really don't want to bother about things like proxies at all. What
I really want is that the Applet transparently hooking on to the browser
settings for the proxy. The only possibilities I see now to contact the
originating server Applet-wise is through Applet.getAudioClip(),
.getImage(), .getAppletContext().showDocument(), but none of this is
what I want.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to do something like this.
There's probably either a simple solution or it's just plain impossible.
I hope to hear it either way.

Jeroen Kransen

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