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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: [VFS] Ftp copy hangs
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 05:36:31 GMT
At 09:47 AM 11/21/2005 +0530, you wrote:
 >hey Mario,
 > I am new to ftp. Can you tell me the difference between vfs ftp and plain
 > Santosh

VFS just fronts a number of different internet protocols via a single 
interface, making it look like one big virtual file system, hence 
"VFS".  As long as you can address something via a URL, VFS can make 
provide you a unified interface to access it.   Accessing FTP, Webdav, 
HTTP, etc... are done in an, essentially, identical way so you no longer 
need to think as much about how to access an individual protocol.

So, to your question, there is no such thing as VFS FTP.  FTP is a 
protocol.  The FTP client VFS fronts is commons-net.  As such, if you are 
having a specific problem with FTP and you can reproduce it using 
commons-net directly, then don't bother with VFS because its using 
commons-net anyway.  If things are working fine with commons-net directly, 
but failing when running through VFS, then there is an issue with VFS (you 
are the same person that Mario replied to who had an FTP problem, right?).



 > On 11/18/05, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:
 >> Santosh Asbe wrote:
 >> > sorry typo error.. it is a common-net plain...
 >> >
 >> No problem. Please repost with [NET] to get connected to the net
 >> developers.
 >> Thanks!
 >> Mario
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