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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [vfs] File system creation documentation/tutorial
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 09:13:31 GMT
Hi Robert!
>I recently needed to create a VFS file system implementation for the
>JCommander project. I managed to get something working but it is far from a
>complete implementation. I looked for some documentation on how to do this
>but I couldn't find any.
No documentation available for now.

In short its:

*) Create a FileProvider derived from AbstractOriginatingFileProvider
**) set the capabilities
**) create a filename parser (derive from URLFileNameParser if its url 
based) and setup it in your fileProvider constructor
**) override doCreateFileSystem

*) Create a FileSystem derived from AbstractFileSystem
**) override createFile
**) if you need to handle a connection this is the right place to do 
(see o.a.c.v.p.sftp)
**) implement doCloseCommunicationLink() to close such connections of 
free resources

*) Create a FileObject derived from AbstractFileObject
**) override the do* methods as needed
**) doAttach is meant to attach the object to the resource
**) doDetach is the opposite

*) If you have to deal with options create a config builder derived from 
**) see SftpFileSystemConfigBuilder as example
**) its idea is to provide a type safe view of the configuration
**) a DelegatingFileSystemOptionsBuilder exists to convert a 
string-key/string-value pair to the correct datatypes if you have to 
process a configuration file or so - see its javadoc for details please

I know, this is a very brief (and maybe useless, though I hope not) 
documentation, but if you take the providers for SFTP and SMB as 
template you might see its not that complicated.


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