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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] swing example
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 12:15:28 GMT

Le 3 nov. 05, à 11:46, Dário Luís Coneglian Oliveros a écrit :
> I was wondering if anyone could help me get some of my Jelly Swing 
> questions answered.
> 1) Considering my swing appl has two menu items and one main panel, is 
> it possible to change the panel content according to the menu item 
> selected ?

You might give a try with a CardLayout, or ?

> 3) Is there any command to quit a Jelly Swing application ? Couldn´t 
> find any sample on the web that does that.

Would the following work ?
<j:invokeStatic className="java.lang.System" method="exit">
There is also a quit in the swing-demo.

> 2) Let´s say a panel has a text field and a button. When pressing the 
> button, a request is sent with the text field value. How can I show 
> the response in the panel ?

This is not easy, I feel. I've been working on reloadable swing 
components for a while where a script would be run again in order to 
populate the pane but I didn't come with a final solution.
I know that you can get a similar effect by doing a bit more method 
invocations and variable assignments.

My intent for reloadable component is, indeed, to have each component 
behave as a browser frame and request to re-run a population-script 
along a target.

Just thinking out loud, I seem to encounter that the following might be 

   <sw:panel var="myList"/>

and somewhere else (e.g. as a child of action:

<sw:target name="panel">

That is, we would introduce a "target" element that would allow an 
component to be cleared than repopulated by its content...
This seems suddenly pretty easy to implement compared to the 
"reloadable" kind of things I expected. Would it fit your task ?


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