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From Arto Pastinen <>
Subject RE: [digester]
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 08:37:26 GMT

Yes i know the problem, i think that it was bug in ATOM 0.3
specification, i havent find DTD or Schema for it, and my test data is
taken from specification text, and there is no CDATA for content, but i
think there should be..
I dont know about latest ATOM specification, but that doesnt matter
because i must use 0.3..

I think that i will use digester for other elements, and i will take
this content out from XML with some cool REGEXP.

Sorry about subject, i was bad boy..

- Artsi

ke, 2005-11-02 kello 21:10 +1300, Simon Kitching kirjoitti:
> On Tue, 2005-11-01 at 13:05 +0200, Arto Pastinen wrote:
> > I write that Test bean only for this mail for example.
> > Actually i am implementing ATOM 0.3, and there is this atom:content tag:
> > <atom:entry>
> > 	<atom:content>
> > 		xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > 	</atom:content>
> > </atom:entry>
> > .. and it can contain all kind characters, and also some HTML.
> Well, first of all if the input isn't well-formed XML then digester
> simply will not handle it *at all*. Digester is just a thin layer on top
> of any old JAXP-compliant xml parser. And all xml parsers will stop as
> soon as they find that their input isn't well-formed xml.
> Perhaps you meant the atom:content contains XHTML?
> Or perhaps it contains CDATA like this?
> <atom:content><![CDATA[
>   any old html
> ]]>
> </atom:content>
> If the input is XHTML, then you might want to look at the
> NodeCreateRule, which will simply build a DOM node representing the part
> of the tree you don't want parsed by digester. You can then pass this
> DOM node to any method you like on your Content object by using
> SetNextRule.
> If the input is in a CDATA section then it's just plain text and is
> handled exactly like
>  <atom:content>hello, world</atom:content>
> and the "body content" can be passed to any method you like on your
> Content object by using CallMethodRule + CallParamRule.
> By the way, please try to use meaningful subject lines when posting to
> email lists. These help people determine which emails should get their
> attention (ones without meaningful subjects tend to get very low
> priority). It also helps people search/browse the email archives.
> Regards,
> Simon
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