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From Hans Gilde <>
Subject RE: [jelly] refillComponent tag ? (was Re: swing example)
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2005 18:48:28 GMT
This solution wouldn't be the same as "tabs" or switching between panels
using a menu.

I have a bunch of tab stuff, including a proper <tabbedPane> with
<tabbedPaneTab> tags that I've been meaning to commit. Will get to it some
day soon.

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From: Paul Libbrecht [] 
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2005 8:05 AM
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: [jelly] refillComponent tag ? (was Re: swing example)

Can other Jelly-Swing users comment on such a tag. It really looks to 
be able to solve quite many issues I've met thus far.



Le 3 nov. 05, à 21:35, Dário Luís Coneglian Oliveros a écrit :
> Regarding your reloadable strategy, I think it would be great to have 
> something like that. We can discuss it later if you wish.
> [...]
>> Just thinking out loud, I seem to encounter that the following might 
>> be
>> enough:
>> <sw:frame>
>>   blabla
>>    <sw:panel var="myList"/>
>>   </sw:frame>
>> and somewhere else (e.g. as a child of action:
>> <sw:refillComponent name="panel">
>>    <sw:label>casdasa</sw:label>
>>    ....
>> </sw:refillComponent>
>> That is, we would introduce a "target" element that would allow an
>> component to be cleared than repopulated by its content...
>> This seems suddenly pretty easy to implement compared to the
>> "reloadable" kind of things I expected. Would it fit your task ?

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