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From Felipe Crochik <>
Subject [vfs] filecontent
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 14:07:39 GMT
I want my application to "get" extra information for files that it can
recognize. For instance I would like the application to check the
format of any files with extension jpg and get extra information from
them (like size in pixels). Is there someway on vfs to create a
"content provider" for files with extension jpg.

If I got the idea right I would like the code bellow to return for
each dir[c].getContent() one instance of some class that I would
create capable of getting extra information from jpg files.

FileObject file = manager.resolveFile("file://some folder with jpg images");
FileObject dir[] = file.getChildren();
for ( int c=0; c<dir.length; c++) {
   FileContent content = dir[c].getContent();


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