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From "" <>
Subject [email] HTML Emails with images don't display in Outlook 2000
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 16:39:55 GMT
I am having a problem sending HTML Emails with inline image attachments
against the client Microsoft Outlook 2000 SP-3.
I am using commons-email-1.0.jar

With an HtmlEmail I am embedding 2 images, adding an HTML part and Text part.

The resultant Body structure is:

Entity	Content-Type		Encoding
1	text/plain	 	7bit
2	multipart/related
2.1	text/html	 	7bit
2.2	image/jpeg	 	base64
2.3	image/jpeg	 	base64

Outlook, by default, shows the text part with the HTML email as an
attachment (correctly showing the images).  My "problem" is that I think
the HTML should be shown by default.

If I eliminate the text part the situation is not resolved; I get this
structure which is still not interpreted properly:
Entity	Content-Type	Name	Encoding
1	text/html	 	7bit
2	multipart/related
2.1	image/jpeg	 	base64
2.2	image/jpeg	 	base64

I am guessing that it is an issue with this particular email client and
the Body Structure?
(seeing the discussion on here, for example,

If this is not a fault in the email package, is there a workaround for
Outlook 2000 SP-3?

Andrew Liles.

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