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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: VFS and SFTP, not working?
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 18:11:24 GMT
Jeff Ma wrote:
> When I connected a Unix SFTP Server, using sftp uri as:
>   sftp://[ username[: password]@] hostname[: port][ absolute-path]
> If I forgot the "absolute-path", it will hang on forever from Linux, but
> from Window XP is fine.
Hmmm, works here.
Could you please create a full thread dump: kill -3 pid-of-jvm

Are you really sure it hangs, or is it simply that your main method 
wouldnt end. It looks like jsch uses a thread which is not a daemon and 
thus the jvm cant shutdown.
To workaround this you can call: ((StandardFileSystemManager) 

> SFtpFileSystemConfigBuilder.getInstance().setUserDirAsStartingDir(opts,
> true);
> So I can go to other directory, is there a way to get around this?
Sorry, currently not, but please open a ticket at with this as enhancement, I'll see 
what I can do after the release.


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