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From Konstantin Priblouda <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] Problem loading a Bean in Betwixt
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 13:57:17 GMT

--- Sameer Nanda <> wrote:

> Yah I agree with you, just went through the 2min
> quick tutorial, its good.
> But again its a problem bcos I am using Hibernate
> for mapping my tables with
> Beans and unfortunately Hibernate does need
> getters/setters .....

You are not quite correct on this.   Almost every
property mapping  in hibernate suports nice 
access="field|method" - you can easily guess what it
does mean. 

So for example you can force hibernate to work with
your  collection field,  and return wrapped
unmodifiable collection from getter. 
( or have accessors which do not follow  JavaBean 
naming conditions ) 
And f you were using doclet 2,  this setting would
depend on placement of your xdoclet tags 

XStream just does not care about your getters seters -

it takes everything that is not marked as transient. 

> So, for my purpose right now I would stick to
> Betwixt, but would definetly
> remember about XStream in the near future for simple
> serialize/de-serialize
> !!!!

If Betwixt is not as configurable as you like, 
you have always an option to go for commons-digester
( it works behind the scenes anyway - betwixt is nicer
frontend to it ) 


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