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From Konstantin Priblouda <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] Problem loading a Bean in Betwixt
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 13:39:59 GMT

--- Sameer Nanda <> wrote:

> Hi Konstantin,
> Just looked at XStream, looks pretty kool, may be
> something I might start
> looking into for my purpose. Thanks for directing me
> there. 
It's really good when it comes to serialize /
deserealize stuff to XML. But XML is not really human
readable.  And instead of going through setters /
getters it goes directly through fields. 
This could be a problem for Hibernate proxies though.
Or not... 
It's also good for primitives / arrays /collections 

But it is not really configurable, so if you need 
human readability  - go for betwixt.
( I'm mixing it - inside picocontainer declarations
I'm using xstream,   but betwixt to populate my 
factories of statis template data ) 

> In the mean time
> I was stilll wondering why dont I get a <Person>
> element in the XML o/p even
> though I have it declared in my mapping.xml

I'm not so fluent with betwixt mappings.   I think and
XDoclet 2 module would make some developer lifes
easier... ( though I got no time at the moment )


----[ Konstantin Pribluda ]----------------
Still using XDoclet 1.x?  XDoclet 2 is released and of production quality.
check it out:

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