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From "Hudson, Bill" <>
Subject [dbcp] question regarding connection pooling and prepared statements
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 19:33:54 GMT
Question: I am trying to determine if commons-dbcp provides this
functionality: Can a prepared statement be generated against a
connection obtained from the a connection pool, say "connection x".
Then can connection x be returned to the pool, and at a later time can
the prepared statement be used with a different connection, say
"connection y", obtained from the same connection pool (both connections
against same database, using the same driver).  In other words, if I
maintain a reference to a prepared statement, will that reference be
valid regardless of what connection the underlying pool provides to me
over the course of my application's execution time?

To phrase the question differently: are prepared statements on a
per-connection level, or are they "global" to all connections in the
connection pool?

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