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From robert moore <>
Subject Re: [VFS] FileContent inputStream holding file reference ?
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 19:36:49 GMT
oops, brain fart on the setProxyUserName and Password. that was an 
addition i had made to the HttpFileSystemConfigBuilder that i forgot 
about and had never submitted back to vfs to see about adding.

so, sorry, never mind. maybe now i will remember to see about having 
that added.

who should i contact about that submission (if anyone)?



On Sep 30, 2005, at 12:17 PM, robert moore wrote:

> i downloaded last night's build (9/30) and it does work now. i can 
> delete my file after getting an inputstream.
> i will get a new build when available and re-validate, too.
> as a separate issue/question, i noticed in the RC4 release (and it 
> probably was in previous versions too, sometime since the 1.0 dev 
> releases), the methods for setProxyUserName and setProxyPassword have 
> been removed from HttpFileSystemConfigBuilder. if you know, can you 
> tell me why these were removed and what the new option is for setting 
> these? i am using these to set authentication when using a proxy 
> server (in conjunction with hfscb.setProxyHost and setProxyPort)  in 
> the FileSystemOptions object ( hfscb.setProxyUserName(fso, user) ) 
> when calling fsm.resolveFile(url, fso). any help is appreciated.
> thanks again.
> robert.
> On Sep 30, 2005, at 11:08 AM, Mario Ivankovits wrote:
>> Hi!
>>> will last night's (sept. 29) build have a resolution or should i 
>>> wait for tonight's build?
>> You have to wait for tonights build as I had an idea how to fix after 
>> your mail.
>>> can you provide a little info on the problem/bug/issue?
>> The problem is the point when VFS release a resource - regardless if 
>> its a network connection (ftp, http) or a local resource (zip file).
>> VFS uses SoftReferences for this. Once all SoftReferences in the file 
>> cache are gone the filesytem and thus the underlaying resource will 
>> be freed.
>> But this depends on the garbage collection and might take some time.
>> Even the current fix isnt relly satisfying, but maybe it is 
>> sufficient for now.
>> I have to think of it again.
>> Ciao,
>> Mario
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