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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] FileContent inputStream holding file reference ?
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 17:08:00 GMT
> will last night's (sept. 29) build have a resolution or should i wait 
> for tonight's build?
You have to wait for tonights build as I had an idea how to fix after 
your mail.

> can you provide a little info on the problem/bug/issue?
The problem is the point when VFS release a resource - regardless if its 
a network connection (ftp, http) or a local resource (zip file).
VFS uses SoftReferences for this. Once all SoftReferences in the file 
cache are gone the filesytem and thus the underlaying resource will be 
But this depends on the garbage collection and might take some time.

Even the current fix isnt relly satisfying, but maybe it is sufficient 
for now.
I have to think of it again.


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