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From "Wim Lambrecht (Schaubroeck)" <>
Subject commons NET (FTPClient + FTPClientConfig) questions
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 09:49:57 GMT

I'm using FTPClient + FTPClientConfig from the stuff.
This is the case (in short)
- ftpservers running on UNIX machine (SCO and Linux)
- always in the same timezone as i am
- using ftpClient.listFiles() to receive rich FTPFile objects.
- server timezone not an issue, but LANG is: some server are in the 
Dutch language (i.c. 'nl' in the ISO standard, see:
- but there are also server who just run in the 'us' language.
- i use the standard (FTPFileEntryParser), but that one only recognises 
'us' monthnames, so:
-- on the 'us' FTPServer: 'March' and 'October' are handle as 'Mar' and 
'Oct', which works fine (corresponding FTPFile objects are returned), but
-- on the 'nl' FTPServer: the parser tries to match 'Mar' and 'Oct', but 
are never matched, because 'Maa' and 'Okt' is presented. The weird issue 
here is that, instead of a FTPFile object, the corresponding value in 
the returned FTPFile[]-array is 'null' or the isn't an entry at all.
- i have a generic piece of code, so it has to handle this problems (by 
switching* FTPClientConfig s maybe ?)

* switching or tweaking FTPClientConfig seems to be a problem. It guess 
that ones the FTPClient client is initialised (has its parsers in 
place), changing the FTPClientConfig instance (or providing to the 
FTPClient an new instance), has no effect.

- Is there a dynamic solution, meaning, can the FTPClient recognise the 
server in the particular case and handle appropriate ?
- If not, what can i  do ?
- (it also has to be in the same open FTP connection)
- i can't change the languageon the server
- listNames() is not an option, since there where some issues with that 
one too (and that why i switched to listFiles() actually).

Thanks in advance for any help !

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