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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [configuration] no exception on missing key
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 05:59:31 GMT
Emmanuel Bourg schrieb:
> Oliver Heger wrote:
>> The purpose is that the configurations contained in a 
>> CompositeConfiguration should have the same exception behavior as the 
>> composite itself. Unfortunately when loaded from a 
>> ConfigurationFactory, it is not possible to define the 
>> CompositeConfiguration's exception flag, so it is always false.
>> I guess this should be fixed, or at least the 
>> setThrowExceptionOnMissing() method overloaded in 
>> CompositeConfiguration to set the flags on the contained configs. Then 
>> it would be possible to turn this on after it was loaded by the factory.
> Does it really make sense to change the flag on only one of the 
> configurations ? What about supporting a syntax like this instead:
> <configuration throwExceptionOnMissing="true">
>   <system/>
>   <xml fileName="prodConfig.xml" optional="true"/>
> </configuration>
> Emmanuel Bourg

Yes, on the long run this would surely be better.

I just found out that the value of the flag in the configurations 
contained in a CompositeConfiguration does not matter at all because a 
getProperty() call is only performed if a containsKey() call returns 
true. So it should be sufficient to set the composite's flag to get the 
desired behavior.

So, Kevin, as a workaround for your current problem you can do something 
like this:

Configuration config = factory.getConfiguration();
((AbstractConfiguration) config).setThrowExceptionOnMissing(true);


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