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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: HttpServletRequest processing
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 03:16:40 GMT

There really is no straight-forward way of doing this.  In theory it 
goes against the basic nature of HTTP.

That being said, Michael McGrady implemented such a solution, and 
hopefully he will see this and be able to talk about it.  I'll do my 
best to remember the basic theory...

You start by targeting your form submission to a new window.  This is 
where your progress bar will display.  In your servlet that recieves the 
request that contains the file upload, you spawn a new thread to handle 
the upload and return immediately with a page with some Javascript to 
periodically poll the servlet to get the progress of the upload (every 5 
seconds for example).  The servlet of course has to retain a reference 
to the thread handling the upload, and it has to have some sort of 
unique identifier to be able to request the status update.  This 
identifier is passed to the servlet from the progress window.  Once the 
upload completes, a page is returned to inform the user (might be in the 
popup still, might be a page that redirects the parent window of the 
popup to a completion page).

Michael will hopefully correct me or expand on this as appropriate, but 
that's what I recall being the basic theory behind his approach.  I 
think his code was on the Struts Wiki at one point, you may want to go 
have a look and see.

Frank W. Zammetti
Founder and Chief Software Architect
Omnytex Technologies

Mashama McFarlane wrote:
> I need some help. I am working with file uploads. The ideal file uploads 
> will be large enough to justify a file upload progress indicator. I am 
> trying to figure out the easiest way of doing this, but it is much more 
> complicated than I originally thought. It would be nice if somebody out 
> there can prove me wrong on that point. I know that if I can monitor the 
> request as it comes into the servlet container, then I can extract out the 
> content-length and then everything else is a matter of counting bytes, but 
> where and how do I do this. This cannot happen in the servlet as, I am 
> assuming, the whole request has been received in its entirity prior the 
> servlet servicing the request. So where on the totem pole need I be. Please 
> advise.

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