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From Jens Viebig <>
Subject Re: [VFS] FTPClientWrapper Broken Pipe
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 18:55:59 GMT
Hello, how do you set a timeout on the client side ?
My ftp server times out after 5 minutes, normally the connection 
restarts as expected.
My code runs inside a background service that is running 24/7 so there 
are a lot of things that can cause an 'unexpected' IOException. A 
physical network is never perfect.
Im using bea jrockit jvm that is 1.4 compatible
Im using commons-net 1.4
Yes it seems that isConnected() that is used in FTPClientWrapper does 
not do a physical test. I think i will try to replace

all catch blocks

catch (FTPConnectionClosedException e)


catch(IOException e)

in FTPClientWrapper

FTPConnectionClosedException is a subclass of  IOException so there  is 
no need to have two catch blocks.
Hope this will be fixed in official future releases of commons-VFS


Andrew Elcock wrote:

> What I did to get round this is to apply a timeout and after a certain 
> time I "restart" the connection. I hope this works for you to...
> Mario Ivankovits wrote:
>> Hi!
>>> Caused by: Broken pipe
>> Do you know why this happens? Some sort of ftp timeout?
>>>        catch (IOException ie)
>>>        {
>>>            disconnect();
>>>            throw ie;
>>>        }
>> I ask as maybe we should retry the operation here too?
>>> Normally isConnected() should fail then, but it seems that it still 
>>> returns true
>> isConnected() in is a logical operation if the connection 
>> "should be" established, not a physical check.
>> There is also a socketIsConnected which tries to check if the 
>> connections is really alive but it works only with jdk1.4 and up.
>> Which jdk do you use?
>> If its 1.4 or up, which commons-net version do you use?
>> ---
>> Mario
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