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From "Asleson, Ryan" <>
Subject RE: [email] commons-email 1.0-RC8 available
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 13:07:43 GMT

I tried RC8 in WebLogic 8.1 and it now works.  Thank you very much!!

Just for historical reference, with RC5 I had tried packaging the current javamail and activation
jars in the webapp but it made no difference.  I'm guessing that WebLogic had already loaded
those classes into memory during startup, so having the newer versions in the WAR made no
difference.  I was able to track down the source of the error, but I didn't want to do my
own one-off custom build for maintenance reasons.  I was hoping something like this would
be done.  Again, thank you very much!

Now I can use it throughout my app rather than writing the tedious JavaMail API's myself.
 Right now I'm just using SimpleEmail -- can't wait to try HtmlEmail.

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From: Dion Gillard []
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 7:26 AM
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: Fwd: [email] commons-email 1.0-RC8 available

FYI all.

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From: Henning P. Schmiedehausen <>
Date: Sep 7, 2005 10:11 PM
Subject: [email] commons-email 1.0-RC8 available

Due to the requests from Stephen, Niall and some remarks on the users
list about using commons-email in J2EE environments, I've applied the
patches that they contributed and verified that commons-email indeed
builds and works with JDK 1.3.x and Javamail 1.2 using both the maven
and the ant build.

I've built a new release candidate using JDK 1.3.1: commons-email-1.0-rc8

Get it (and also source and binary distributions) from

I also redeployed the commons-email site; the updated docs should be
available from in a few hours.

If there are no further objections, I think that we should restart the
vote ASAP.

        Best regards

Dipl.-Inf. (Univ.) Henning P. Schmiedehausen          INTERMETA GmbH        +49 9131 50 654 0

RedHat Certified Engineer -- Jakarta Turbine Development  -- hero for hire
   Linux, Java, perl, Solaris -- Consulting, Training, Development

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