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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: How to configure Axis stubs for Integrated Windows Authentication ?
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 04:39:40 GMT
On 8/11/05, Kr <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to consume a web service on https and it uses .NET with
> Integrated Windows Authentication Security Mechanism.  When I type the
> web service endpoint address in browser I am prompted for a login
> dialog and I login using
> username (in the format <domain name>\\<username>) and password given
> by the web service provider.
> Now I have generated stubs using AXIS 1.2 Final but I dont know how to
> pass or set the credentials (domain, username, password)  in my client
> program. I tried <stub object>.setUsername and <stub
> object>.setPassword methods but I am
> not able to connect to the service and I always get HTTP Error Code
> 401.2 from the service. I am not sure this is  right way to set
> credentials in my code. I tried searching this mailing list but no
> avail. Can anyone please  help me.
> If Jakarta Commons HTTP Client is the solution to my problems then can
> anyone please redirect me relevant good handson tutorials on this as I
> very new to HTTP Client.

You might want to ask a question like this on the Axis user list,
and/or go through some of the basic Axis tutorials.  In particular,
the whole idea of using the generated stubs for a web service is that
you do *not* need to do low-level HTTP processing yourself, so HTTP
Client isn't something you should need to concern yourself with (for
this particular use case -- it is invaluable for many other
situations, though).

> Thanks & Regards,
> Kr.


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