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From Kr <>
Subject How to configure Axis stubs for Integrated Windows Authentication ?
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 04:34:40 GMT
Hi All,

I am trying to consume a web service on https and it uses .NET with
Integrated Windows Authentication Security Mechanism.  When I type the
web service endpoint address in browser I am prompted for a login
dialog and I login using
username (in the format <domain name>\\<username>) and password given
by the web service provider.

Now I have generated stubs using AXIS 1.2 Final but I dont know how to
pass or set the credentials (domain, username, password)  in my client
program. I tried <stub object>.setUsername and <stub
object>.setPassword methods but I am
not able to connect to the service and I always get HTTP Error Code
401.2 from the service. I am not sure this is  right way to set
credentials in my code. I tried searching this mailing list but no
avail. Can anyone please  help me.

If Jakarta Commons HTTP Client is the solution to my problems then can
anyone please redirect me relevant good handson tutorials on this as I
very new to HTTP Client.

Thanks & Regards,

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