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From Demetrio Cruz <>
Subject Betwixt suppresing a property
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 23:38:34 GMT

Sorry I have a problem, I have a bean which I want to write with the
BeanWriter of betwixt, the bean is something like

public class Container{

        private List elements;

        public List getElements(){
                return elements;

        public List 
            return ...

        public List
            return ...
        public void
        addTrashElement(Element e){

        public void
        addRadioactiveElement(Element e){

The problem here is that when I generate the xml, it writes the trash and
radioactive elements in its own tags, but it repeats all of the
encapsulated in a elements tag

<!-- this is the part wich is repeated from above -->
<!-- end of the repeated zone -->

is there any way via Container.betwixt file to tell betwixt to omit the
getElements() method to be printed in the output ??


"That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium for 
the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted."

- George Boole, quoted in Iverson's Turing Award Lecture

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