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From "Bond - James D." <>
Subject Re: XMLConfiguration and DTD files in Commons-Configuration
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 17:43:54 GMT

Appreciate the change/fix.  Will this go into a 1.1.1 release or would I 
need to wait for 1.2 ?  I can't exactly use a 'nightly build' for 
production code.


> Bond - James D. wrote:
> >>>Been using XMLConfiguration now for a bit .... it works great.  BUT when
> >>>try to use it with an xml file that references a relative dtd (like 
> >>>'my.dtd') It yells: 
> >>>
> >>>org.apache.commons.configuration.ConfigurationException: Relative URI 
> >>>"my.dtd"; can not be resolved without a base URI.
> >>>
> >>>So I have 2 questions:
> >>>
> >>>1) I have been able to just use the relative DTD for every other XML 
> >>>parser I've used ... why does only this one require a full path to the 
> >>>DTD? (which is not possible for me since I can deploy this app anywhere).
> >>>
> >>>2) If it 'just plain requires the full path', then fine, let me turn of 
> >>>DTD validation.  How the heck do I do that with the Commons Configuration

> >>>package?  I've used the Digester classes before and with them I just have

> >>>to do something like:  digester.setValidating( false );  How do I turn off

> >>>DTD validation???
> >>>
> >>>Thanks.
> >>>
> >>>      
> >>>
> >>XMLConfiguration loads XML files through an InputSource, which is merely 
> >>a wrapper around a stream and does not allow the XML parser to obtain 
> >>the path of the XML document. So relative paths cannot be resolved.
> >>
> >>DTD validation is disabled per default. However even non validating XML 
> >>parsers will always try to load a specified DTD because it might contain 
> >>other important information like entity definitions. So if the DTD canot 
> >>be found, an exception will be thrown by the parser.
> >>
> >>To work around this problem: In the nightly builds XMLConfiguration 
> >>contains a new method setDocumentBuilder(). This method allows to set a 
> >>pre-configured XML parser, which will then be used to load documents. 
> >>You can create your own DocumentBuilder and register a custom 
> >>EntityResolver implementation, which locates your DTD file (or returns 
> >>null if the DTD really is not important). Then pass this DocumentBuilder 
> >>to the setDocumentBuilder() method before you call load().
> >>
> >>HTH
> >>Oliver
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Thanks for the response, but I still don't see why a dtd file 
> >that is in the same directory as an xml file REQUIRES a full 
> >path to it?  This has never been an issue with any other code 
> >I've used to read XMLs.  Any reference material you can point to 
> >regarding writing my own 'DocumentBuilder' (still not sure if that's an 
> >option because I'll have to use stable code for my project, not a nightly 
> >build)?  Like I said in my original post, it'd be nice if the existing 
> >code supported a 'setValidation(boolean)' method like the Digester does 
> >(it uses a referenced dtd file just fine).
> >  
> >
> I committed a fix (thanks to Simon Kitching for his tip), which solves 
> the problem. A relative path to a DTD will now be resolved correctly.
> Oliver
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James Dalrymple
Telesoft Corp.

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