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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Very big arrays in Java and Commons Collections
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 10:04:52 GMT

On 09.08.2005, at 20:10, Wade Chandler wrote:

> This sounds like a really good project proposal
> actually for a Collections based file mapping library
> or a large ArrayList...obviously unable to have a
> toArray method except for sections of the file.
> Anyways, I don't know of any direct wrappers for this,
> but you can use java.nio.FileChannel obtaining it from
> a file and then using the map
> method to map regions of the file into memory.  This
> would allow you to read and write bytes, floats,
> doubles, ints, arrays of all etc to this mapped region
> making a larger area obviously than allowed memory
> without using much or hardly any depending on the
> needed efficiency concept.  You could make use of this
> to store objects as well depending on how you are
> storing them.  You can store them as arrays of bytes
> and read and write them out to the mapped area giving
> you more space to work....all conceptual of course.
> Might help you though.

Yepp ...that would be awesome to have!


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