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From "Pramodh Peddi" <>
Subject [dbcp] Performance decrease woth common-dbcp
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 18:57:00 GMT
Hi DBCP experts,


(Sorry for the relatively big email. This email is critical for me (and
my company:-)). I wanted to make sure I explain everything clearly to
make it easy for people in responding)


I recently introduced commons-dbcp into our product. While basic
functionality is working fine, apparently there are few things deeply
hurting the product. And I am hoping to fix them to get the product to
the normal state. I have a situation where I have to decide whether we
should stick to the commons-dbcp (provided I fix what we lost when we
shifted to commons-dbcp) or go back to our manual connection pooling
(creating bunch of connection objects and keeping them in memory).
Following are the software versions I am using:



(driver) mysql-connector-java-3.1.6-bin.jar





The problems I am facing, for which I am hoping to find solutions are:

1. (MAJOR) The performance of the product was decreased drastically when
using commons-dbcp compared to our old manual pooling. Decreased by 40%.
I can see that though I am taking the connections from the pool, about
50% of times it takes FEW SECONDS (1, 2, 3.....upto 12 seconds
sometimes) to get the connection from the pool. Not sure if I am doing
anything wrong or missing anything. I assume/understand that once pool
is initialized, it creates connections in the pool and getting
connections from the pool should not consume much time.

2. (semi-major) "Abandon* feature does not work. The tool does not close
the active connection when it satisfies the condition ((getNumIdle() <
2) and (getNumActive() > getMaxActive() - 3).   


We introduced commons-dbcp into our product to achieve two things:

1. Have an automatic pool of connections (which we almost achieved)

2. Improve the performance of the product by having
poolPreparedStatements = true in the configuration.

I am also wondering if dbcp is really poling the prepared statements
when it working with the MySQL server and driver versions we are using.
Is there any one out there using this configuration and also uses
commons-dbcp? Can you confirm if poolPreparedStatements = true is giving
any performance gain.


Performance is mission critical for our product. Can I have suggestions
from any one on how to handle the commons-dbcp tool better to improve
the performance? Following is the configuration set I am using:


factory = org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSourceFactory

username = myuser

password = mypwd

driverClassName = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

url =

maxActive = 170

maxWait = 360000

removeAbandonedTimeout = 1800000

removeAbandoned = true

logAbandoned = true

poolPreparedStatements = true



I am programmatically creating the BasicDataSource and the pool. I mean
I am NOT using JNDI to create the pool. Extract of the code:

Properties props = getPropertiesFileForDBCpConfig();

BasicDataSource basicDataSource = (BasicDataSource)


Hoping to get a response from you experts,


Thanks in advance,








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