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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] Can I get the unique ID for current TagScript
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 19:54:31 GMT

Why do you need a new context every-time ?
Why not set to null (that is erase) all the variables you know are 
created ?

Do I understand currently that you wish that tags were cached just 
like... it's happening in jelly 1.0 if you keep the thread and 
We've been discussing this on commons-dev recently and the default is 
now, back, to not cache, that is, to re-create the tag object at each 
start-of-run of the tag-script. This can be changed in 

However, there's nothing with parent contexts in this caching scenario 
currently and, as I understand, this is what you would wish, correct ?
That is, you'd wish that tag-caching only happens at root context...
I fear you'll have to adapt TagScript for this yourself.

But as this is our current discussion I would invite you to make this 
adaptation in the following way: your tags have a special way to 
request caching, namely, they want it at the parent-context (or 
root-context?)... so they should be flagged as such. I would suggest to 
make an interface such as ReusableTagsForRootContext and let 
TagScript's tag-caching routines filter on that.

hope that helps.


PS: the keys to the tag-caches are... the script-objects themselves... 
no verbatim id down here... we never thought about such...

Le 4 août 05, à 17:47, Guo, Jiaqi a écrit :

> If I can assume that the creating each course doesn't need context, I 
> actually know the full course list after the first time this script 
> runs. If I can cache the course list somewhere in TagScript, I don't 
> need to create 103 courses again and again. Because <Courses> tag can 
> be used somewhere else in this script, I need a key to identify this 
> guy. I can't simply save the list in CourseTag class because tag class 
> is transient. Another option is forcing script writer to put an id 
> attribute. But internal key makes it look simpler.
> So my question is can I get unique ID for TagScript where I'm in 
> corresponding Tag class.
> Let me know if I didn't explain the question clearly. Thanks for your 
> time.

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