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Subject [NET-FTP] IPv6 to AIX servers
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 14:32:01 GMT
Does anyone know if FTPClient can exchange files with AIX servers using 
IPv6 addressing?

I am encountering a problem with the PORT command being rejected by two 
versions of AIX server (4.3 and 5.3).   Tcpdump shows the control 
connection opens ok, and the user logs in and sets binary mode ok.  
Then the port command fails.  Here's a snippet from tcpdump (with 
addresses obfuscated):
The FTPClient issues:  PORT.2002:xxx:xxxx:xx:x:xx:73:231,135,113..
The AIX server responds: 

More info:  I get the same rejection using FTPClient on AIX and Linux.  
FTPClient works fine with IPv4 addresses.  Manual FTP from an AIX 
command prompt works fine with IPv4 and IPv6.  TelnetClient works fine 
with IPv4 and IPv6 .  Also, I found no information on the subject from 
a google search or a brief search of this newsgroup archive.

So before I start more serious debug and research, does anyone know if 
this works or is even supported?


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