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From Brian Cook <>
Subject Re: [FileUpload] Issue with multipart/form-data and request parameters in include
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2005 15:08:04 GMT

> Brian Cook wrote:
>> Is there a reason that the URL parameters can not be included as a 
>> hidden field in the form?  i.e. Instead of setting a form tag with the 
>> action set to "resource.jsp?param=value".  Set up your form to post 
>> the value with the form as a hidden form field set up
> Andreas Schildbach wrote:
> The reason is that from the form, I am including another resource (kind 
> of a plugin/fragment/portlet), which hasn't got a clue if it is included 
> in a POST or GET request.
> Is there a way at all to set a hidden parameter with JSTL <c:include ...>?
> Regards,
> Andreas

Ok I am not trying talk down to you or be a jerk here but you really 
have be specif on these kinds of forums.

What specifically is this "plugin/fragment/portlet"?  Is this a JSP page 
fragment/segment?  A Java Object of some kind? An Applet?  A web start 
object?  What?

I am afraid I can not give you any intelligent answers on JSTL but as 
long as you can read the parameters from it then you should be able to 
add a getParamtersFrom() function to a Java Bean or write a custom JSP 
tag to add the parameters from this extra resource as hidden fields.

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