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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] bug ?
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 14:27:02 GMT
>> Solving it in "a clean" way might break their application. I think  
>> this is not acceptable for a RC->1.0 release transition.
> As long it's not released - it's not released yet ;)
Hmmm. Maybe I "overcomplicate" things ...

>>> i think that VFS users didn't already have to deal with relative  
>>> files resolution regarding something else than a directory ;  that's 
>>> why they didn't yet complain about this behaviour that is  suitable 
>>> to directories
>> Might be true, but only if their directory-names ends with an "/"  
>> and vfs  didnt support this semantic (yet).
>> So beside fix the filename-resolving stuff we have to add this  
>> "flag" to show we would like to talk about directories even if the  
>> file is "virtual" (non existent)
> Adding the "/" semantics right before the release
> is not a good idea IMO.
... but its not release yet ;-)
> The fix that I proposed
> is very simple ...shoulnd't that do it?
Yes and no. Yes it might work, but - no - only if the file already 
exists. And why should the filename parsing stuff take the existence of 
a file/directory into account? In fact at that point in VFS I do only 
have a FileName and no FileObject.

Philippe wrote:
> I vote for fixing this behaviour :)
I need some time to think about it.


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