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From Alexander Sack <>
Subject Re: stmt.getConnection() != Connection used to create the statement
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:18:43 GMT
Alexander Rupsch wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not an expert in implementing connection pools or jdbc itself. But
> shouldn't the following code work?
> Connection con = pool.getConnection()
> PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement()
> con.equals(ps.getConnection) // returns false!
> Ok, I don't need it to be equal, but the following also does not work:
> ps.getConnection().close()
> con.isClosed() // is false!!!
> That means, if I have a Statment and want to close its connection, I
> have to remember the conncetion by myself. Is that the requested
> behavior? Because of this my pool was running over.
> The java.sql API says that Statment.getConnection() has to be the
> connection which created the statement.

I cant tell what pool technology you are using and in what specific
environment. But in general, pools do the handling for you. They
implement connection reuse: that is, the connnection is only closed
virtually (e.g. freed for reuse) and not closed physically to improve
performance. In consequence pools need to keep track if a connection can
be reused or not (e.g. pool grows on subsequent getConnection requests).
This is done by keeping track whether all statements and resultset have
been closed so far. Otherwise, the connection will not be reused and
your pool will grow and grow ... So check if you forgot to close a
statement or a resultset somewhere (put the close() calls into a finally
block to get sure that they are invoked properly).

Hope it helps.

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