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From Karel Tejnora <>
Subject Commons NET, FTPClient
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 17:54:41 GMT
    I would like to extend FTPClient from Commons/Net to support java.nio.*
First step I did is to implement custom SocketFactory. There are not any 
Every method returns or as 
and ServerSocketChannel.socket().
But problems came in FTPClient class, where I needed refactorize 
The __dataTimeout has only setter not getter.
_openDataConnection_ uses private __pasiveHost, __pasivePort through 
private __parsePassiveModeReply()
_relyLines aren't visible to.
So I added public int getDataTimeOut(), public  String getPassiveHost(), 
public int getPassiveHost(), protected _popReplyLines() and changed 
private __parsePassiveModeReply() to protected _parsePassiveReply().
I don't contribute patch yet, because I have few questions.
do you like it to change this things?
And Im new to svn
I took these steps
svn checkout
but the build generates  commons-net-1.3.0-dev.jar
Whis url should I take to generate proper diff?


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