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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: Commons Configuration Ant Task(s)
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 15:15:25 GMT

Moran Ben-David wrote:

>Hi all,
>Recently I produced an ant extension to Commons Configuration:
>this allows me to load from a Commmons Configuration properties file (i.e.
>one that allows "include" and loaded via the PropertiesConfiguration class).
I had a short glance. Looks interesting.

>However, it is an extremely rudimentary implementation, so my questions are:
>1. Is there a package that provides Ant tasks that call Commons
>Configuration features that any of you know of?
In our code base we have nothing like that. And I am not aware of other 

>2. Would the proper namespace for such a package be
I think this depends: If the package was part of commons-configuration, 
this name would be appropriate. If it was part of a different code base, 
this code base's conventions should be used.

>3. Is there such a package in the works for Commons Configuration?
No, we don't have plans for such a package yet.

>4. Is this the right list to discuss such bridges between commons-conf and
For the configuration side yes (this list or the commons-dev list if 
discussion drifts to technical details). But thinking about it, what you 
suggest seems to be an enhancement for ant rather than one for 
commons-configuration, right? So maybe you should check out the ant 
mailing lists.

>Moran Ben-David

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