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From Thomas Dudziak <>
Subject Re: Betwixt problem on cyclic bean graphs
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 07:09:06 GMT
On 8/30/05, Andrew Duckworth <> wrote:

> I'm using betwixt 0.7 and in a test case I'm trying to write XML for
> two beans, a parent & a child that refer to each other. This works
> correctly with beanWriter.setWriteEmptyElements(true), but fails with a
> StackOverflowError when beanWriter.setWriteEmptyElements(true). I have also
> tested with the current nightly build and it does the same  thing, is
> this expected behaviour ?

I think, Betwixt can work with cyclic structurs, by using the XML
ID-IDREF mechanism for them. I'm not sure what the default setting is,
but you can try to set


which leads to the generation of an id attribute at each written element.


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