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From "Moran Ben-David" <>
Subject Re: Commons Configuration Ant Task(s)
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 14:36:42 GMT

I didn't have a chance to reply to this message previously.  I lost it in my
mail client (too many emails in the day I will blame).  I fished this out
from an archive luckily.  So forgive the late reply.

>>4. Is this the right list to discuss such bridges between commons-conf
>>and ant?

>For the configuration side yes (this list or the commons-dev list if 
>discussion drifts to technical details). But thinking about it, what you 
>suggest seems to be an enhancement for ant rather than one for commons-
>configuration, right? So maybe you should check out the ant mailing lists.

Good point.. I'll try and contribute this to the Ant-Contrib project.

I guess as Ant becomes more ubiquitous, we'll see more frameworks starting
to include ant tasks themselves.  For example, the way tomcat offers Tomcat
specific Ant Tasks with the Tomcat codebase (maybe I'm wrong in that).

Moran Ben-David

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