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From Kirill Grouchnikov <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] Sample code not working
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2005 14:55:37 GMT

> i think that dion was trying to establish whether it's
> the local
> environment. if you're building from source then running
> the tests is a
> good way to discover whether everything's ok. since
> you're using a
> binary, is it the latest release (0.7)?

I'm using 0.7 binaries.

> which sample code?

The one from

I've just put everything in one class, and the mian
function performs both marshalling and unmarshalling.

> it doesn't look like the code on the getting start page,
> not like the
> tutorial. i'm going to guess that you're running one from
> the example
> page (please correct me if i'm wrong)...

You are correct. In addition, the code from the example
page uses 3 deprecated functions.

> > The writing didn't produce values for subelements, and
> the
> > unmarshaling failed completely with two error messages.
> i've just pulled the code from the website and run it in
> ecplise. i get
> the following trace from the read sample:
> INFO: Cannot pop options off empty stack
> PersonBean[name='James Smith',age='25']04-Aug-2005
> 22:50:30
> org.apache.commons.betwixt.expression.Context popOptions
> INFO: Cannot pop options off empty stack
> which is right (the person bean is populated)
> for the write i get;
> <?xml version='1.0' ?>  <person>
>     <age>21</age>
>     <name>John Smith</name>
>   </person>
> which is also correct.
> so, these examples work fine for me. so, i think that
> it's probably some
> kind of environmental or setup issue. the best thing to
> do would be to
> run again with logging turned up nice and high.

How do i set up the logging nice and high? Not all the
world is using commons, you know.

> this bit of the trace:
> Could not create instance of type:
> org.jvnet.bindmark.CheckBetwixtPersonBean
> suggests to me that you have an issue with your
> classpath, access
> permissions on the bean or don't have an empty
> constructor for the bean,

This class is inner private static and has public


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