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From Christoph Jaeger <>
Subject [configuration] Support for XPath like queries?
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:20:10 GMT

I was reading the documentation about XMLConfiguration on
and now I wonder how it would be possible to get a list of all the
fields of a table with a given tableType. The XML structure describe in
the example looks like:

  <table tableType="system">
  <table tableType="application">

Now you can query a list of fields of the first table using a property
name of "tables.table(0).fields.field".

But how would you query a list of fields for the table with tableType
"system"? One way could be to loop over all "tables.table[@tableType]"
elements, remember the index of the table containing the given tableType
and use the syntax described above to get the list of fields.

I think it would be a lot easier (to write, and also to read the code
afterwards), if one could just write:

Is a syntax like this supported by Commons Configuration? I think a read
about something like this, but can not seem to remember where.

Best Regards,

Christoph J├Ąger

Does the commons-configuration XMLConfiguration class support XPath

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