Hi, I encountered a problem with commons FileUpload and Struts. I decided to use the commons FileUpload in my struts app because the upload with struts (FormFile) isn't serializable. I need it to be serializable because I want to make the uploaded file persistent with hibernate. I found out that using the commons FileUpload will be serializable, since it implements the Interface. But how do I integrate it with struts? Here is what I've done: I created a multipart-form with tags by struts:
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The I created to corresponding Form class: public class UploadForm extends ValidatorForm { private String title; private FormFile file; // getters .. and setters left out for this post } This form will be sent to my Action class UploadAction: Here I am able to retrieve the FormFile ... but thats not serializable If I try to get the uploaded file as described at FileUpload Homepage, like this: DiskFileUpload upload = new DiskFileUpload(); List items = upload.parseRequest(request); The returned list is null. Does anybody allready done something like that? Any sugesstion is much appreciated! Thx in advance, regards Andreas Heinecke