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From Lukas Bradley <>
Subject Re: [Configuration] FileChangedReloadingStrategy Not Working?
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 15:28:48 GMT
Lukas Bradley wrote:
> Is there anything in the following code block that would prevent the 
> FileChangedReloadingStrategy from functioning correctly?  It is declared 
>  just after member variables within the class itself.  The properties 
> load correctly utilizing getString(), getFloat(), etc.  However, they do 
> not reload after file changes and subsequent requests.

I'm concerned with the logging during the reload attempts.  In 
ConfigurationUtils, a Commons Logger is being used to display output. 
However, on line 637 of AbstractFileConfiguration, where the reload() is 
to take place, a stack trace is send to standard error instead of to a 
Commons Logger.

If an error occurs, is the Commons Configuration logging setup ensuring 
that all standard error output is being redirected to Commons Logging?

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