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From "blatt, lew" <>
Subject RE: still trying to get ant, jakarta commons, ftp task, on z/OS to play (Upgrade to J1.4 does not solve problem)
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 13:50:55 GMT
another help plea for zOS (IBM mainframe) platform.  

i am trying to get the ant ftp task, on zOS, to ftp.  previous emails from
helpful listserv members recommended i upgrade to ant 1.6.5, java 1.4.
doing so i've "progressed" abit further.  i now see a hang when trying to
initiate ftp client (and no longer see garbage characeters spit out on

to isolate the problem (between ant and commons-net) i wrote the java app,
below.  this app stalls on zOS and eventually terminates with excpetion. on
Windows the app connects successfully.  furthermore, there is no problem
using the IBM ftp client interactively.  any clues appreciated. apologies
(in advance) for the poor java.  all i can say is, "i'm learning :)".


public class ftpit {
	public static void main(String a[]) {
		ftpit f=new ftpit(); 
	   FTPClient ftp=new FTPClient();
	   String server = new String("");
	   try {
	   	ftp.connect(server) <ftp.connect(server)> ;  
	   	System.out.println("Connected to " + server + ".");
	   } catch(IOException ioe) {System.out.println("exception");}

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