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From "Glenn Goldenberg" <>
Subject RE: [betwixt] AddDefaultsRule bug in 0.7RC2
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 21:25:37 GMT
hi robert:

> you help's appreciated. if (in future) you want to help to speed the
> process of application, please read
> and consider creating
> some patches (once you get the hang of them, you'll find them easier
> than describing things in words). if you find your emails are getting a
> little long, then you could open a report in
> (if you like) and then follow up on
> list .

Thanks, I will take a look at this for contributing in the future...

> BTW are you happy to contribute your test cases (which i've deleted from
> the bottom of this mail) to apache? (saves me having to create fresh
> ones.) just FYI if you attach the apache software license 2.0 to the top
> of any new classes you post then i won't have to ask ;)

Sure, no problem.  Glad you can use the tests.


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