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From Christian Kalkhoff <>
Subject Re: JELLY: Escaping output of JEXL expression
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 08:56:25 GMT
Hi Dion,

thank you very much for this hint. It didn´t solve my problem directly 
but pointed me into the right direction. Just for reference what the 
problem was:

Situation is, that i use jelly embedded in Java. I create an XMLOutput 
Stream and run the script with it.

I searched through the WhitespaceTag Example and the TagSupport and 
everywhere were methods taking XMLOutput instances. There were also 
references to escapeText on the file but that wasn´t 

After a few minutes i realized that i am the dude who is creating the 
output stream on top of the call stack. I switched to the file, put in a 
true into the constructor and see, it works.

Sometimes i really think i sleep when i code. :)

Thank you again for the help. That saved me hours and nerves.


Dion Gillard wrote:
> The tags all have an escapeText attribute that tells Jelly whether or
> not to escape XML.
> See
> for an example.
> On 7/6/05, Christian Kalkhoff <> wrote:
>>i ran into the problem, that jelly outputs invalid xml if one of the
>>beans available as context variables contains e.g. an & char. Is there a
>>way to tell jelly (or jexl) to escape such xml special chars. Are there
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