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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [CLI] two different versions of commons-cli-1.0.jar?
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 06:22:02 GMT
> It would appear that after the 1.0 release no-one updated the
> currentVersion tag in project.xml and that at some later time someone
> compiled the trunk code and published it on ibiblio as commons-cli-1.0
> when it was actually a snapshot of trunk.
> It sure looks to me like the version on ibiblio (which Maven will
> download) is a snapshot of some unknown state of trunk. The file on
> ibiblio is dated 29 jan 2004 so I guess that's the date that the code is
> from. The version# in project.xml was updated on 22 april 2004, so the
> snapshot is certainly before that date.

...actually I also had to use a trunk version lately.
Maybe it's just time for a bugfix release?

> I think the best thing to do would be to publish a cli-1.0.1 which is
> identical to 1.0, ie copy tags/CLI_1_0 to CLI_1_0_1 then update the
> version# and build a new release. The 1.0 release on ibiblio should then
> be deleted. Yes this will break a whole bunch of existing projects that
> depend on 1.0 - but I can't see any better way out of this.

Same here +1

> Is there anyone from the CLI team willing to do this?

I could take care of pushing out the jar to
ibilio ...but I think we should have a proper
release or at least a tag for 1.0.1 then.



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